Should You Store Baby’s Cord Cells?

Should You Store Baby’s Cord Cells?

You may have heard of the newborns cord cells stored for future use.


The umblical cord is a rich source of stem cells that can be potentially used in a stem cell transplant to tackle serious diseases.

These stem cells are stored by cord stem cell banks under very low temperatures in special containers.

In recent times storing these cells has become a commercial entity with private cord stem cell banks charging hefty amounts.

Whether these cells will be used anytime is a matter of debate and controversy.

First of all medical research says beyond 15 years cells may not be viable.
Second if the storage conditions are compromised say be power outages or faulty equipment, the cells may be lost.
Thirdly the possible use of these cells in future for the subject is extremely unlikely.

However if cord stem cells are donated to public banks they could be used to save lives.

Cord stem cells have potential uses to treat blood cancers and rare genetic conditions.

If a newborn baby’s older sibling has a problem like Leukemia the baby’s cord cells can be used.

Should you spend a lot of money to store your newborns cord stem cells.
Doctors groups like American Medical Association say NOT NECESSARY.

But if it’s going to be used for other patients through a public stem cell bank OR if it’s for research, GO AHEAD DONATE and keep your money with you!

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