More About Stem Cell Therapy

More About Stem Cell Therapy

In the past. Stem cells were taken from bone marrow by puncturing the pelvic bone under aneathesia.

Nowadays we use machines called cell separators to take stem cells from the blood itself.

So giving stem cells is almost like blood donation, only it takes a few hours to procure the stem cells.

There are two types of stem cell therapy, Autologous, where we use patients own stem cells for the treatment and Allogenic, where we use a donor for getting stem cells.

The donor and patient should have complete tissue matching(HLA) which is crucial.

Nowadays we use stem cells from the placenta, taken during the childbirth process. They also should match the patients tissues.

The other option is to have stem cell donor registry which are very popular in western countries.

In our country, only now, there is more awareness about these registries by which, even if a patient does not have blood relatives, you may be able to locate an unrelated but matching donor.

In blood diseases, Aplastic Anemia, Thalassemia, Myeloma and Lymphoma stand good chances of being cured by stem cell treatment. In other cases the success rates are lower.

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Stem cells are cells in our body that can form other cells, we have them in the bone marrow. These treatments are available in India at a fraction of the cost as compared to other countries.

Healthy people should make it a habit of donating blood regularly. Best time to start donation is when you are in college after age 18 and make it a regular habit.