Arunodhaya Haematology Clinic

Arunodhaya Haematology Clinic

We offer various services in hematology like workup and treatment of anemias, leukemias, myelomas and lymphomas.

We specialize in bone marrow procedures and interpretation and also offer outpatient chemotherapy facilities at low costs since medicines are procured from companies directly and the cost benefit is passed on to the patient..

We have automated blood cell counters, biochemistry and coagulation analysers..


Our blood reports are respected for their accuracy.

Arunodhaya Haematology Clinic, is our new facility from January 2023.

We have been functioning from 1987 to 2022 at our old facility "Arunodhaya Clinic For Blood Diseases"

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You can consult your Doctor digitally through
email and WhatsApp

He has done over 10000 bone marrow procedures in the last 30 years and considered an expert in diagnostic hematology.
He is a member of the Indian and American Societies of Hematology.